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January 1,  2017


To Whom It May Concern,

Creatives are multi-faceted visual communicators.  Effective designers are highly-advanced interpreters of seemingly ransom pieces of information.  The best way to fuel the creative process is to constantly provide creatives with new experiences.  You achieve out-of-the-box thinking when people have the opportunity and time to cross over the threshold of confinement…both literally and figuratively.

I enjoy working with people who are naturally curious;  who push through perceived boundaries;  who challenge ideas and who never settle for good enough. These people are the innovators who reach beyond old ideas and shape new ways of thinking, of doing and of being.

Non-conformists inspire new ways to approach problems and one of the best ways to support creative thinking is to provide plenty of room to explore ideas.

Designers need time for discovery.  Encourage play, exploration, non-linear thinking and provide an environment for people to move freely about.

Very truly yours,



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